Your Wedding Planner


Wedding Heaven company was set up with love to create unusual moments, unforgettable memories and exiting feeling. It is also a willingness to support future spouses, a need to relieve of an enormous strain and responsibility.

Having years of experience, we know perfectly well, what kind of qualities should have a perfect wedding planner.

Dreamy wedding is a great emotional charge for your future matrimony!

Wedding planner cares about every detail of that special day, which you cannot repeat. A perfect organisation, help in choosing the best, even small details, it means peace and ability to fulfil dreams are our main features. We wish that your wedding will not be only the most beautiful day in your life, but also an unforgettable experience for your parents, who will have a special seat during this singular moment. We would like to care also about your whole family and friends, who will spread the good news about this wonderful event they have participated.

During your wedding day, even the smallest omission or mistakes are not going to happen. We have too much experience to be able to commit them. We organise traditional, stylised or fancy receptions. If we undertake something, we do not allow compromises. It has to be perfect and the final effect is exactly like that!

If the place is Warsaw or its neighbourhood, in which you would like to experience this special day, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of organisation or you need professional service along the way.

Kamila Romanow- our consultant is self-sufficient, that is why, all of the offers come from her heart. Consultants do not receive any benefits of service provider’s recommendation, but they can negotiate a better price or date, due to theirs contacts in business.

Fabulous wedding with wedding planner

A wedding planner is an opportunity to create a fairy-tale wedding. Such one, about you always dreamed. Do not be afraid of your anxiety. We know from experience, that all of them we can fulfil.

We encourage you to read the offer. Thanks to this offer, your wedding reception will be perfect as expected.