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About us

A wedding is one of the most important day of your life: it means special. It is replete with a lot of moving moments, extremely vibrant. It ends a certain stage of life, in order to open a door to new and full of love life.

The Wedding Heaven is a place, where happy couples’ dreams come true. The amount of money does not matter, the same as faith or an individual taste. Kamila Romanow – our wedding consultant is able to tailor a plan to a desire and client’s need, regardless of whether a venue will be Warsaw or a town located abroad.

The wedding heaven consultant is a guarantee, that what seems to be impossible, becomes possible during this special day. Would you like a wedding ceremony or reception outdoors or wedding attractions, which will delight You as well as your guests? Everything is possible with us.



Kamila Romanow- wedding planner, founder Wedding Heaven

Kamila Romanow is the owner of the company and certified wedding consultant. She gained her knowledge and experience in the longest running agency on the market. She inherits organisational abilities from her mother. A wedding subject enthusiast, therefore she invests her whole heart and maximum involvement in every ceremony and reception, what confirm all of the pairs, with whom Kamila cooperated.



Anna Dorot - coordinator, an event stylist.

Anna: Enthusiast of ravishing moments in life, unrepeatable magic creator at work. She attracts attentions to details so as to make a celebration unique. Her first experience she got in the UK, where she were following creating weddings from the beginning. Her comprehensive education and interests allow to profit various fields and cultures, what makes ceremony chic and in good taste.




Kamila Romanow- the owner and certified wedding consultant at the same time. She acquired her knowledge working at long-lasting Beautifulday wedding agency, which acts on Polish market. Training her skills in wedding organizing under the tutelage of the most experienced experts, she is able to reliably be a wedding planner.