New Years Eve!


Wedding ceremony and reception on New Year’s Eve is a great idea, but it still opens to doubt and causes controversy. I would try to convince you to that, because it is not as black as it is painted. It always matters an extraordinary idea and than an unforgettable celebration is waiting for you. The celebration will be mentioned by you and your guests as well, in coming years.


1. Plan New Year’s Eve for your guests

New Year’s night is always forcing us to plan a party. Why not help your family and friends to organise for them and for also you, an unforgettable new year’s party? Trust me, they will be delighted. With no doubt, each of arrival will be in real party mood.

1.The world will celebrate with you

Choosing the New Year’s Eve for your wedding ceremony and reception, you are lucky, because the whole world will celebrate with you. If the wedding is one of the most beautiful day in your life, it is possible to celebrate it on that date. It will definitely be a good prediction for the future.


1. Women love trinkets

When, if not during New Year’s Eve, we can shiny dress from top to toe? Both, a bride and bridesmaid, will be in high spirits, because of free possibility.

4. Extraordinary idea for wedding

Planning a wedding, it is possible to hear from brides, almost always, that they would like have an original and unique ceremony. They want to spring a surprise on their guests. Therefore, taking into account the date of 31st of December for wedding, you can be calm, that the surprise is guaranteed.

 5. Out of season

The period of time, between Christmas and New Year, has its own rules, but you have to take into consideration, that it is out of wedding season. Thanks to that, the services associated with this type of ceremony will be at reasonable prices.


6. Aura

An aura and double reason to celebrate make you remember those moments for the rest of your life. Do not forget about the fireworks and sparklers, which decorate your unique ceremony.

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On the occasion of the New Year , we wish you a memorable New Year's Eve in 2016 . Fulfillment and success at every level of life. Team Wedding Heaven

Kamila Romanow i Anna Dorot

author: Kamila Romanow

Published: 2015-12-29