Wedding with spanish temperament


As far as Spain is located from Poland, as we have variant cultures and temperaments, as the Spanish weddings are different from Polish once. A loving couple is a common denominator between this different traditions. I was there, I saw and I would like to share with you, that emotions and a few ideas, which I brought.

Perhaps, you considering how is it possible to combine Spanish customs with Polish and is it worth to have a try? If you decided celebrating in corrida’s country, it is definitely worth showing local tradition in all its glory. What is better to take from passionate Spanish and what from Polish, who are accustomed to organise weddings with great flourish? Before you undertake organising a celebration in flamenco country, let’s think, is such a significant disparity, believe that it is quite different than in our country, will make your guests applaud.



However, if the culture, the exoticism, Spanish hot emotions, otherworldly views and the reliable weather entrance you, spending one of the most important days in your life in dreamy place is worth. Keep in mind to prepare guests, that your wedding and reception will be extremely different than those in which they participated so far. Tell them that what is standard in Polish wedding reality is totally different from Spanish tradition.

Invitations and bank transfer

Let’s start from the beginning, that is, from the invitations. Wedding savoir vivre tells us, that invitations should be handed two months before the wedding and in my view, it is a bare minimum, so that guests can calmly plan a trip, which will surely not last one day, and for you it will be the way to facilitate organisational issues.

A happy couple communicates already in invitations that would like to receive from the wedding guests a gift as cash, a bank transfer in particular, and therefore they give an account number. It is a common practice and very comfortable for both, a bride and a groom as well as guests, but in our culture it can arouse controversy. Any other presents should be given during the evening before the wedding, when families have traditional glamorous dinner.

Early wedding and fans

The day for wedding ceremonies, as in Poland, is Saturday. Despite the tropical heat, Spanish wedding take place at 13 p.m. Guests gather 30 minutes before the ceremony, a best man says hello and gives small gifts e.g. fans…



Flowers in hair, evening and cocktail dresses

Let’s see into the outfit. Among bride’s costumes dominate a long, white dresses with an even longer train and a veil. There is something, which appears traditional in hair, namely flowers composition, white and pink. On the other hand, among guests apparently occur an obvious division in costumes- according to age. Especially among women: mothers’ suits, ants, grandmas usually wear long evening dresses. Other women choose cocktail dresses.

The common attribute is a hair accessory, which is must-have in Spanish weddings. Nowhere else, I’ve never seen such phenomenal and fancy hats, shiny hair-slides and toques.

A groom’s costume is usually a simple, classic tuxedo. How about men? The choice is individual, what suits preferences: a bow tie, a tie or absence of it, because it is not a faux pas to wear casual suit.



Arm in arm with mum and dad

The groom started the ceremony. He is leaded to altar by his mother and she stands just behind him. A moment after them, the bride comes with her dad, who sits behind the heroine of the day.

The ceremony does not differ from ours in Poland. Although, there are small differences like this after making a vow and wearing wedding rings, the groom receives from priest a handful of money, which he tips from one hand to another. It’s a symbol of material success of their common life.



Cocktail and dinner with toasts

After leaving the church, the newly wedded couple is greeted by cheers of joy and all guests go to reception, which starts at about 14:30. It’s often a cocktail party in a garden, during which spirits and snacks are served. Formal dinner is served while sited party, then people traditionally toast.

Probably no one is surprised by wedding menu, which is full of seafood and fish, and when it comes to alcohol, leaders are wines. Attractive cake can’t be missing at Spanish wedding reception. However, after main meal, do not expect next meal. Tables are cleaned and alcohol will be served by a barman.



Typical Spanish dance at the wedding doesn’t last long and before the bride and the groom open the dance floor passes a few hours, and the last guests leave at the last before 1 a.m.

Is it organising a wedding in Spain in local tradition worthwhile? Although it requires a lot of engagement and organisational effort, definitly it is worth to try. Spanish setting is excellent to express happy couple’s love. I would highly recommend it….









Published: 2015-08-12